About Gerry A Foster

Gerry A Foster, Local SEO located in Waltham, MA
My skills for Local SEO are as sharp as this picture.

About Gerry


Gerry A Foster is a digital marketing professional with a passion for Local SEO. He feels and exhibits a deep care for small to medium sized businesses and wants to help connect them in unique ways, to their local communities. In doing this he is able to help these businesses provide a better experience to their customer base, both future, and current.

Gerry uses a variety of tactics and methods to help local businesses better reach and inform their client base. He prides himself on “white-hat tactics,” future proofing, and using a holistic and organic approach to digital marketing. He believes there aren’t any shortcuts to success, and encourages businesses to be the best they can be.

Let me tell you about myself, from the first person.

I started my “second wind” professionally in 2010. Prior to that, I had been sweating profusely as a line cook in and around Portland, ME. Having realized that I would never get ahead in that line of work, I traded my chef pants for textbooks. I studied medical terminology, biotechnology, and genetics before finding and falling head over heels in love with web development and graphic design.

Life and marriage brought me to Omaha, Nebraska where I would serendipitously find SEO, Local SEO, and ultimately, a passion for the algorithm. Under the guidance of an amazing mentor, I grew a department in the agency in which I was employed and learned, managed, taught and followed Local SEO.

Life has brought me back to the east coast, thankfully. I am now calling Portland, ME home again. I am entering the Local SEO scene here with lots of positivity, passion, and a hope to help small to medium businesses better connect to their local communities. I am forever the teacher and always the student, I love to learn and share. If you are looking for someone to explain Local SEO to you, over coffee or in your office, feel free to reach out to me. I mean this. If you want an education in Local SEO, I am more than willing to discuss & help, after-all building community is one of my biggest professional and personal missions.


What about Organic SEO?

I am of the belief that true Local SEO can’t exist in a vacuum and that it is a part of the organic algorithm. Am I passionate about Local SEO? You’re damn right I am. Do I only want opportunities that exist for Local? No. I am open to taking on any role as long as I can add new tools to my toolkit. Digital marketing will never be a one skillset job and while I am vested in Local, I want to expand my horizons as often as possible. Please don’t put me in a box! Let me be passionate about Local as well as organic.

Please go to the “Mission Statement” page to learn more about my business practices and core beliefs.

Random Facts

  • Through the study of the genetics of spawning Cod, I and other young scientists were able to help change fisheries laws between Maine and Massachusetts fisherman. (I am not calling myself a scientist).
  • Prior to 2015, I did not possess a smartphone. I think it fundamentally changes the way a person interacts with the world. I am now rocking an iPhone and wishing I could go back to the way of the flip.
  • I am a first generation College goer. The struggle is real.
  • I might be one of the most passionate New England Patriots fans ever. Can I tell you who the 2nd string QB was in 1992? Likely not. Will I defend Tom Brady from #DeflateGate accusations until he is proven innocent OR guilty…yes…yes I will.

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