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Mission statement & the history behind it

My mission statement:

I believe in customer service, even when it bites into my profit margin.

I think the best way to keep people coming back, and promoting your business for free, is through word of mouth. The best marketing campaigns are those that people give to you, simply because you have done right by them.

I believe in providing the education needed to understand what I am doing, how it is effective, and why it needs to be done.

I have a passion for local businesses because I believe that local business is the backbone of our economy, our community, and our future as a nation.

I want good business to succeed because I know it improves the lives of everyone connected to said business. There are not shortcuts to this. Sometimes it takes a lot of grinding, toiling, blood, sweat and tears., but I believe the best business will work itself into being the most relevant business for a related search term, I am simply a mechanism of speeding up that process.

What my Mission Statement doesn’t include:

If you have shady business practices, employ a usury business model, or gouge your clients, I will not perform your SEO, as an employee, or otherwise. In the words of Greg Gifford: “If your business sucks, you won’t rank.”

If you have lots of bad reviews, because you have bad customer service, nothing I can do will help you, at the end of the day. I will not charge you money trying to help something that is helpless. If you have a lot of bad reviews because someone is attacking your business, that is different, and something I can certainly assist you with.

I will never charge a small business more than a fair amount for services rendered. I will work hard to ensure a business receives¬†the best possible strategy and the best results for the money they spend. My services are not free, and won’t be bartered for, but costs are fair to everyone involved, myself included.